Thursday, October 06, 2005

A Tab on Internet.

Why this Blog: From the past few months I was feeling kind of left out in this new Internet that was seemingly being evolved. My past memories do remind me of website of HTML of CSS and to an extent of php, but that now whenever I tried to open my eyes and look around I could not handle the glaze. To cut short everything read about Web 2.0 in Wiki and on O'reilly

The Blog: This confusion started when I entered IIT in 2001 with the knowledge of just HTML. I used to wonder how can people make great site which are coherent- talk of any big company then and it had a website such that all the pages looked a part of the site. Infact the content inside the pages were truly organized - a supposedly difficult task to do just using html This was the time I was exposed to CSS. I started using it for small pages and also used it to develop the initial website for Appin Knowlegde Solutions.

As time passed by another doubt gripped me with all thouse dynamic content coming on the net. Nanda my roommate made his website for Navya. He had this task of updating the website from time to time with new news, polls, articles, databases etc. He introduced me to PHP and MySql and my thirst for understanding the web was pacified. But in the final year of IIT things again started changing. The foremost being Gmail which never seemed to me like a website - the interface they developed was just amazing, so must have been the tools used. It was not pure HTML-CSS-PHP-MySql types of website for sure, but then I did not let that bother me and continued on.

From past few days I was lucky to keep track of Diwakars Blog(Ajax tags) and happened to see some really nice websites with amazing functionality. - Organizer, Flickr, word processor, instant messenger, project manager. Also new words like RSS, AJAX, Web 2.0 came into my dictionary and now I again feel satisfied to be walking with the Internet unless someone else points me out new technologies. Not that I know all these technologies I dont know the 'A' of it but I feel secure that I know that it exists.

Everything thats new and exciting belongs to a class formally called as Web 2.0-Read more in Wiki and on O'reilly


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