Monday, October 17, 2005

Spiti Valley - Marriage of Heaven and Earth

The best adventure trip ever till now, and probably it shall remain the best - atleast for the 11 people that were on.
Cycling trip in Spiti Valley (Himachal Pradesh) ~ March 17 - March 27 2005.
Appoximate Distance covered on Cycles ~ 180 Kms.
Max Height ~ 4300 Mts
Max Cycling in a day ~ 60 Kms.
Bag Pack Weights ~ 15 - 20 Kgs
Kanpur -:Train:- Chandigarh -:Bus:- Shimla -:Bus:- Rampur -:Bus:- Recongpeo -:Bus/Cycle/On foot:- Yangthang -:Cycle/Bus:- Tabo -:Bus:- Kaza -:Cycle:- Ki -:Cycle:- Kaza -:Cycle:- Hoorling -:Truck:- Maling -:Cycle:- Puh -:Bus:- New Delhi.

I dont know if I will be able to write about it in detail but just found one of the group members - Shivesh Ranjan - written an exhaustive summary. He has really written it well with all the details. Probably someday I will write a small version.
(To get a glimpse at real Himalayas, check out photographs from day 4 onwards.)

From Sivesh's Blog:

Himalayan Eleven – the cycle expedition

Ravindra Vishnoi (vishnoi, behnoi) 4th year: Adventure club coordi. One word: photographer. Another word: Spiderman. Always seen with his SLR on.

Gaurav Bhutani (bhuts) 3rd year: Vishnoi’s successor. Tiredness and fatigue; What’s that? Suicidal tendencies – over stimulated love for adventure. Treasurer of the trip.

Amit Chosky (serial-killer*, psycho*) 1st year Mtech: A taciturn and a perfectionist. Most helpful guy in the group.

Ankur (labor) 4th year: A paranoid. Archie’s nemesis – shared all archie-aditi stories with us

Archisman Ghosh (archie; Urchie baba) 4th year: Mr. clumsy, Mr. unlucky, Mr. always-falling-in-trouble. Bong!!!

Harshat Pant (pahadi, pant) 4th year: pahadi. Best singer in the insti. Didn’t let him bore us much with his vocal chords.

Nikhil Rasiwasiya (daddu, nikux, phantom*) 4th year, wingmate: Adobe wizard. New found love on the trip –SLRs.

Shivesh Ranjan (lala) 4th year: That’s me.

Ravi Verma (thapa) 4th year: thapa looks. My Jordon team-mate. Love for adventure and speed and donkeys(?).

Y. Ajayendar Reddy (reddy, terrorist*) 3rd year: thapa’s spouse. Terrorist get up. 32 all out through out.

Raja Banka (Bhramadev*, banke-lal*, banke-bihari*, raja babu*) 2nd year: without him the trip would have been half the fun. One line punches.


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