Wednesday, October 19, 2005

When History does not repeats - Mid Sems

I say the word 'mid-sem' and I am sure something flashes at the back of the memory. It brings forth the emotional turmoil that used to happen when the mid-sems approached at IIT. For many this was the only time that they ever used their gray cells for academic purposes, for some probably midsems were too meagre and they used to wait for the End Sems.

A good way to analyze the midsems may be the plot of 'days-used-per-midsem vs stress vs year'. I still remember my first Midsem in Sept 2001. Things were new, things were daunting. Probably a whole week was spent preparing for them. Yeah 7-8 days for 5 midsems getting it to a ratio of more than 1.5 days per midsem. The day first mid sem ended was a celebration day. Since I was from Delhi and had those features a typical Delhiite would, I chose to play Pool at Landmark - the only 4star hotel in Kanpur. This day would probably also mark the first time I tired a cigarette - with the words 'For the First and the Last Time' ;-). Anyways, the next mid-sems were also similar. Heart beat going stronger, spending 1.5-2 days average per midsem (incl the days of the midsem).
<- High Stress, High Time(1.5-2days/midsem).

In second year things changed a bit. Since I had scored good with supossedly less amount of effort in my first year, mid sems were taken in a lighter mood. Maybe I started to prepare for them 5 days in advance. But the stress of the midsem was still high. It still was only midsem on the mind throughout those 5 days, getting it to around 1 day per mid-sem. In second year the end of the mid-sems were marked with different kind of feeling. Going out on a rickety Vikram to city was childish so it was more whatever can be managed staying at Campus, watching Movies in and out, night out sessions with friends of 'a' glass of Whiskey and the kinds.
<- Normal Stress, Normal Time(1-1.5 days/midsem).

I got raped in my second year, probably had taken them a bit lightly. But no! who cares. I wont change, Life is about fun. Third year was bad - but not for me. Doing seven courses (one audit) was no joke, but something changed in third year. Now mid-sems were no longer something to fear from. They were like routine thing and needed time at the right time, which was duly given to them. The end of mid-sems in third year was now no special issue. 'Bula Sessions' with friends and 'khamba' was not something that deserves special mentions. Surprizingly I also reached perfection in one of the semesters - Lesson learnt lower the stress and time - higher the output :-).
<- Low stress, Normal Time(1-1.5 days/midsem).

Fourth year was like a breeze as far as the midsems were considered. There were 3-4 midsems on an average and 2 days were reserved for them, so the average time per midsem was less than 1 day. I dont even recall any sepecial feelings for midsems probably except the last one where I thought - "this would be the last mid-sem I will ever give, Ahh! I will have to leave IIT Kanpur - I wish I has some more days of even the mid-sems." ----And Lo! God heard me and now I am again in the loop of midsems and endsems. :-)
<- Low stress, Low Time(<1 day/midsem).

BUT history now does not always repeats itself. Though I am in my first year, I no longer have the anxiety I had in my first year of IIT, nor am I spending 2 days per midsem. IIT has made us strong enough that no exam can ever raise the adrenalin. I have a mid sem tomorrow on Statistical Learning, though its only one but I am keeping the tradion of low stress low time to perform my best. I have exaclty 24 hours left on the beep!.............Beep...........should start now! BTW a secret - I have always relied upon good wishes.


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