Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Some age old information which I can to know today - try these on the dos prompt.
Ctl - m = Enter
Ctl - d = No more Input
Ctl - g = sounds a bell
Ctl - h = backspace
Ctl - i = tab
Ctl - c = you already know.


Apping Guide

Started writing an Apping Guide - Thought it would be helpful for the coming generations. If you want to write your own point of view on Apping or write articles mail me.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

An interesting read for vegetarians.

I found this on diwakar's blog and he has linked it to this guy's blog, but its an interesting read.

I dont know if the facts that he has stated is true or not but he surely has made a point.

click here to read the article.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Amazing way to manage pictures.

I was into finding pictures on the net during my undergrad for doing al kinds of artsy work and did find it a tedious talk to find them - especially to find ones which I can call - good picture. But this site has it all - flickr.com - you can upload images, annotate them and search from among the annotated images. It also has a section called interesting pictures which i must saw are worth a peek.

Try with IIT Kanpur. Can anyone tell which year's M.E. is it?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Things of Desire

Seems that the onus of planning out things to buy for my survival and lavish living ultimately has fallen back upon me. Just maintaining things that I need and that I desire.
Based on Desire
.1. Camera Nikon D70s
2. Laptop - Apple Powerbook G4
3. Car - cant afford a first hand so second hand.
4. Montaineering Gear.
5. Mountain Bike
6. Nikon FM10/N80
7. Rayban Aviator
8. Racing Bike
8.a Skateboard
9. Mp3 Player
10. Audio System
11. TV
12. Shoes
13. Sandals
14. Furniture for Home

Based On need
1. Furniture for Home
2. Sandals
3. Audio System
4. Mp3 Player
5. Mountain Bike
6. Nikon FM10/N80
7. Rayban Aviator
8. Racing Bike
8a. Skateboard
9. Shoes
10. TV11. Laptop - Apple Powerbook G4
12. Camera Nikon D70s
13. Car - cant afford a first hand so second hand.
14. Montaineering Gear.

Why is it that the order never matches? Any more suggestions in the 'Based on Desire column' ;-)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Why Blog?

I have been wanting to create a real blog-spot (not blogspot - which apprantly I have from a long time) but few thoughs always pestered me on the basic question why should I write blogs.

Well its true that when I read some of my friends blogs online -
nanda's, bhatti's, pango's, jaya jha's, diwakar's - the *only* ones I have read - I find different reasons of their blogging. Nanda writes mostly on social things that probably he is against or liked in the recent past or his little endeavors here and there. Bhatti is still a step ahead criticizing the social and economical backbone of India. Diwakar probably writes on whatever comes to his mind giving good latest information and upto-date happenings (Which I really appreciate), pango - though a late entrant has got some attention lately due to his blogs on IIMB. Jaya Jha's blogs sometimes have to link to any social or economic issues - what I can call is inner thoughts.

So trying to organize thoughts on blogging, the topics are:
1. Social and Economic fibre.
2. Current Affairs in general
3. Personal Current Aaffairs
4. Philosophical snippets/inner thoughts.
5. New/Latest in the Market

Coming on to reasons of blogging - I wonder why do *We* write blogs?
1. Do We have lot of time?
2. Is it like writing a daily dairy - or maybe weekly dairy?
3. Do We write it to just express what we feel strongly for?
4. Is it just a community effect? My friend blogs & I like my friend => I should write blogs.
5. Do We feel lonely and want someone to share Our thoughts with?
6. Is this just a technological substitution of the Bulla sessions (just chit chat)
7. Am I thinking too much?

Proably I am. Probably there is no reason for it, but still I find it curious as I want to write blogs (dont know why) but am just not able to (dont know why again). May I feel vulnerable that We might know me and my inner thoughts - So what? - Well! what if they are not according to the norms of the society? What if You start being judgemental on what I write? - But thats what you are? - But thats the problem, maybe I am not what I write? Maybe thats just a state of mind at that moment? There have been many instances when I contradict myself and then counter-contradict and then counter-contradict and so on. - Hmmmmm, but why the hell do you care what We might think of you? - Duhh! Aint that a part of social life? Aint that important that others think good of You? Will You be able to live in a society where every one is against what You think is right? Isn't sociey about 'Right and Wrong'? If not why do You criticize so many social norms that you have? Why do You express a strong opinion about something You feel is right or wrong? - Its not what We feel is right or wrong is actually write or wrong - its only that We believe it to be right or wrong. - Then why do You forget this in you daily life that "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." - (Einstein). - But you should not care if this a fault of Ours, you should not care if We are wrong in forgetting what We consider right or wrong is a mere belief - But again, are We really Wrong? Rather Can We be really Wrong? - Lolz, Who knows?

Well probably You can help me on this, but for now I will choose the path of writing blogs. Writing about the perceived differences in cultures in India and America( I fear it wont be truely American as San Diego, especially
University of California at San Diego is filled with students from over a 100 countries :-))) - I may be judgemental - afterall I am a part of We.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Maybe it pics up this time

hmmm...no maybe later.