Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Whats up?

how are you doing?
kya chal raha hai?
hows life?
whats going on in your life?
Aur suna...
hows life treating you?

Does anyone know of a script that generates random answers to these questions? I am just not able to handle when people ask these question either on orkut or especially on phone. Ofcourse I can give the generic answer, "lifes great, what bout u?" and many a times I have to :( but thats not me. I always want to tell someting, something thats more creative or atleast conveys an iota of information, not something that has zero entropy from a Shanons point of view.

Btw I found out the solution, before someone shoots you with that question, take the lead, bang him with the same question, then the ball will be in his court ;)


At 1:51 PM, Blogger Ankit said...

for your help (a collection of PJs):

Q : how are you doing ?
A : What?

Q : kya chal raha hai ?
A : October (Ahem... among a zillion other things)

Q : hows life ?
A : great minds have died pondering over this. I am just a mortal

Q : Aur Suna
A : Main to raste pe ja raha tha...
Main to bhelpuri kha raha tha...
aur sunaaun ?

Q : hows life treating you ?
A : Magnanimously, Generously, Lovingly, ......

(The above nonsense does not mean I don't have any work... samjhe)


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