Monday, October 24, 2005

"I can Think, I can Wait, I can Fast."

- Siddhartha by Herman Hesse.

Probably the simplest and the exaustive rule one needs to follow in life - not even follow, just say it when any negative thoughts come to mind - and life would be much more meaningful.

I happened to hear about this book from a guy called Deepak Maini who was my room mate during my small ITC stint. For all the four years he was with me at IIT we did not interact much, probably I did not think high of him, but was surprised to know him then. Anyways, he was then reading another book by the same author - Narcissus and Goldmund and another friends at ITC - Godbole also mentioned that Siddhartha was great.

Now over a small discussion with my flatmate, Bharath, I was again reminded of the excellance of the book, but this time I was lucky as he had brought the book with him. A thin book indeed, but best read at 'half the speed'. One of Bharat's take from the book was that Hesse has gone beyond 'Gautam Buddha' (wont tell how as that will spoil the essence), but to me the thing that struck the most was - "I can Think, I can Wait, I can Fast". (Though still trying to deal with the last clause ;-)


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