Saturday, February 04, 2006

15 Park Avenue.

I was very excited to watch this movie, reading Nanda's reviews on it, but I must say it was a let down. Overall its great to see the way Aparna Sen has handled the issue of schizophernia, I am not much knowledgable on this and got whatever it was depicted in A Beautiful Mind, and here too its interesting portrayal.

But the thing that caused the let down for me was the artificial dialogues and over use of English. Its true that a new class is being formed/ has been formed in India which talks in English even at home, but I am sure its not as formal as in the movie. Moreover, Waheeda Rehmaan did not seem very comfortable talking everything in english. Charu's dialogue in Bihari tone was seemingly much more realistic and digestable.

The second thing, its about the abstract flavor she has tried to give to the movie. I generally like movies with open ending, but here there were many loose ends. Its like cut pieces are joined together to make the movie. Also there seemed no central theme to the movie. Schizophernia for sure was the main line but intermingling siter-sister, mother-daughter, adding doctor-azmi relation, no real use of brother, bose - bose's wife realtion..... all were not required and made the audiance loose track of what actually did she try to depict.

On the whole, a watch for people who like off-beat movies, a must avoid for the ones who just see movies as an entertainment tool.


At 10:37 PM, Blogger sskb said...

Good one Nikhil, Is there any place to get more information on Indian "off-beat" movies?


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