Saturday, January 07, 2006

Photoblogging - California Photos

If you just want to see the photos and not go into the crap written click here.

I did forget to write a blog about my entry into SLR photography. Anyways, I got a Nikon FM 10 a month back, a fully Manual SLR camera and got to use it properly for the first time during the California Journey.

Now there are some draw backs of still using a roll based camera. The rolls cost you money, the developing costs you money, the printing costs you money and the digitizing costs you money. I am still experiments whats the cheapest way to get my rolls in digital format without compromizing on the quality. Still not sure, I have to buy the rolls, I have to get them developed so there goes $5 per roll. Add good quality printing - another $5. And you also ofcourse them in Digital formats another $5 in uncle sams country. But the camera was way cheaper ($200) than the digital SLR's ($800 - Nikon D50) and it being completely manual you are forced to learn the hard way, but the learning is permanent.

Shot 4 rolls in all, and got two of them onto CD. A new issue I am tackling with right now is how to best organize them and display them. I know flickr is there, but came to know about Pixelpost from Zishaan Hayath. Right now I have uploaded some pictures at My Flickr account itself to get started. Also pressure from freinds and family was too high. So enjoy the photos and dont forget to comment on them.


At 8:42 PM, Blogger Diwaker Gupta said...

Sale bike trip ki snaps kahan hai?!


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