Thursday, October 27, 2005

Why are India's Achievements So Little Known?

Today there was a talk by Dr. Vidyasagar, and I did not go why?
1. It was at 9:30 am and I had to sleep
2. I was hearing this name for the first time.

Bharath - my roommate told be about his achievements but still that was not enough to cross my sleep-barrier. But later when I was browsing through his profile I was really awed by his acomplishments. A simple looking man but 'The' man behind CAIR, TCS Advanced Research Center and holding visiting faculty positions at MIT, Berkley, UCLA, IISC etc. I went through an article by him - Why are Indian's Acievements so Littike known.

Some Excerpts:

"I believe the correct question to ask is not why it is so cool to hate India. Rather, we should ask: Why is it so easy to slander India and get away with it? My suggested answer is: Because one does not pay any price for doing so."'

"There is no point saying that what such people say is "true". In a huge and heterogenous society like India, one instance of almost every kind of deviant behaviour can be found, especially if one goes looking for it. The issue at hand is one of perspective

"To these people, the India of the rising Rupee, falling inflation, rising foreign exchange reserves, rising current account surplus, falling unemployment, rising self-confidence, booming stock market, improving infrastructure, rapidly decreasing poverty, burgeoning IT sector, and the second fastest growing economy in the world for over a decade, simply doesn't exist."


At 9:38 PM, Blogger Abhishek Porwal said...

1. Nobody thinks its cool to hate India but there is one very peculiar observation I have about these statments; they are always made by people who don't even live in india. Even if they have started living, it must be fulfilling some of there upcoming political needs.

2. Agree.

3. Phethatic way to address an issue "To these people"; what the hell does he thinks of himself. Each and every point stated could be refuted.

At 6:40 PM, Blogger Nikhil said...

1. for Dr. Vidyasagar you are wrong, he has studies in the US but he lives in india!

3. Have you read the complete article?

At 6:04 AM, Blogger Ankush Garg said...

May be Dr. VidyaSagar would like to add another one to his long list of India achievements - an Indian making his presence among every 6th person of the world.

And no, I haven't read the whole article.


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