Thursday, December 01, 2005

First Bike Trip in Uncle Sam's Country

"Procrastination is the rool of all futility"
-Nikhil Rasiwasia

I still rememer the moment when I decided to write about the first camping trip in US (for records it was with nitin, himanshu and 'Guest' KT from India in Anza Borrego desert 70 miles east of SanDiego). But I came back, I procrastinated, It lost its charm.

Same seems to be happening with the few adventurous hours I had this Sunday. The fun of writing allready seems to have diminished, but its never to late. So sunday (27/12) marked the end of my Unplanned Thanksgiving Celebration. Though overbogged with academic stuff and having dwindling intentions, I finally decided to make it. ( partly because it was My and Panju's plan and I did not want to spoil it at the very first go). It was expected that 6 of us will be there, but expectations are just expectations. For this instance only 4 made it - I, Panju, Diwaker and Sachin and I think this is the optimum number for a bike trip. Nitin and Nikhil(K2) prefered the dreamland.

Start/ Starting at 8:00 in the morning (too early by my standards and too late by panju's) the journey till Solana Beach (~12 miles) was to be covered in one hour and some mins. The route was soft with one long downhill slope near Torry Pines (which obviously implies lot of hardword the way back). We went nonstop with constant 'intimidating' overtakes by aged americans, at their age I would probably prefer to go a bit slower but these ppl are born cycling. In an enroute discussion with Diwaker I felt that it would be good to challenge them to a sleeping competition! what say?. Anyways, so we finally did not stop at Solana Beach but went three more miles cus in Panju's words 'yaar mein thaka nahi abhi tak', yeah! ask us and especially Sachin.

Having breakfast at Cafe Enchinitas(where my dish was served in two parts with an interval of 10 mins, so when you order something you dont know the contents of, and neither your mates, you only realize that the first part was to be eated with the second when you just finished the first part and second arrived, Confused eh! So was I :). We took a U trun and again a nonstop biking till the dreaded upslope. It reminded me of the emotions I went through the Cycling trip in Spiti Valley. Ofcourse there's no comparison between the two, but it was fun reliving the experience. /End

Btw that bike trip did seemed to have cost be a bit - I found my axles and peddles wobbling yesterday night, seems that the bottom bracket is faulty. Just asked one of the shopkeepers and his reply was 'twenty five dollars for the part and twenty five for the labor, plus taxes extra'(and its california). No I wont tell how much did I pay for this beauty, but if you guess its less than the total above, I wont be amused.


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