Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Calender Again.

This time its a positive news, I am starting to get hooked to SpongeCell. After a two month long turmoil (;-) to find a simple calender, this has been my final bet. Of course its not perfect, but it does one set of work flawlessly. Basically I needed calender to manage two things.

1. Things that recur yearly or monthly: birthdays etc.
2. Things that happen only once: talks, deadlines etc.

And sponge cell does the second task perfectly. Probably just what I want, I dont even have to go to their site to add an event, can mail it and it adds it automatically. Also the GUI is well suited and has got keyboard support. The only bad if I might want to pick, it that viewing the calender is slow but it still does not crosses the threshold of frustation. They say that recurring events are coming soon - eagerly waiting for it.


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