Monday, February 06, 2006

Calender Updates.

Seems that my search for a perfect working calender wont end at Calenderhub. i am just not able to get hooked to it. Still too complex for my needs. Its fast to add events - fast from the user perspective but too slow from the server side. It was a promising tool, alas I will have to search for more.

Got some more calender links (web 2.0). This one caught my attention cus of its special feature. SpongeCell - with 'Sponging' - you dont even need to go to the site to add event, you can 'Sponge' it to the site by sending an email (or sponge at the site also). They dont have a good help on that so first time I tried to add an event it was added to the year 2012! Anyways, form its response email I have been able to add the events as desired (not able to set the reminders sill - they should give a help atleast or have a standard format to add events. Right now its hit and trial but its a simple learning curve!). Apart from that all the extra benefits that common to web 2.0 calenders - RSS, drag drops, publish, share etc. I have been using it for three days now and seems good - have made it my homepage, so the first thing i see in as i open the browser are the todos/reminder for events. Simple indeed.


At 8:10 PM, Blogger Nandz said...

Share you misery. Joel Spolsky is on your side too:



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