Friday, March 17, 2006


I am bit perplexed by this instance, more so a thought twister. Its bit confusing from a point of view, and the confusion is about time. If two people see the same thing at the same *time*, then can they be seperated by time? Einsteins apart, the answer is seems to be negative. How can two people see the same thing at the same time and still be seperated by time? For this either the thing that they are seeing must be existing all through the time difference, the two people are experiencing or else that its limited by time or so to say is beyond time. This would also probably bring in the concept of different time frames for different object and that time is not uiversal. BUT a brirds eye view makes this possible.

It was evening here and I was sitting by the beach viewing the beautiful sunset on the pacific ocean and my friend in India with a nightout was able to see the sunrise at the same time, so effectively we both, though seperated by time, were seeing the same sun (if its the same and there are no parallel universe) at the same time.

Well the catch is that the time frames we have attached to out world and when we say America is 12 hours behind India, it actually is misleadin cus in the universal time frame America is not seperated by India timewise.

just amusing.


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and a bit confusing at first


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