Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Entropy of Events.

Day by day, the entropy of events in my life is decreasing. (For the lucky souls who still are away from such blasphemous collection of letters, entropy => randomness, like entropy of gas is high, and of solids is low). Still have not been able to figure out if that is a good sign or a bad one. If I have a birds eye view to it, it feel good and satisfying and the way it should be, after all what one needs is to settle in life, but then week to week life becomes monotonous. By mononte, I dont mean that the number of activities are less, but they are fixed to a time schedule. I know that every monday at 6:00 pm I will play soccer. Every friday at 3:00 I will be with my professor, Every firday night is movies and party night. Every Wednesday and Thursday, I will be working hard for the Friday meeting. Every Sat is reserved for Photographic Activities. Every Tuesday I will play Squash. Every Sunday and Monday, I have to cook. I can sleep as much I want (no! I am not complaing, just stating the facts), I can eat whatever I want to, every morning I have to prepare my breakfast, everyweak I have to go shopping. It looks soo organized and let me say boring. Not that the activities are boring in itself, but the joy of not knowing what next is on a different plane all together. The subconscious mind loves the situation but conscious wants more entropy(or is it the otherway round)

For records, the event with highest entropy in my life was the bike trip we had from Kanpur to Nainital and back. At 1:00 am in the night I has reasons to believe that at 3:00 am I would be sleeping comfortably on my bed. But entropy had its way and I was on a bike, driving at 60kms and hour, piercing the blackness of the night with the headlights of my bike (did'nt that sound artsy?) Next 3 days were of high entropy, not knowing where to sleep, where to stop, where to go, what to eat. Damn memories!


At 10:43 PM, Blogger Diwaker Gupta said...

I believe its spelt "entropy".

Why do I need to have a blogger ID to post comments here? It sucks. Move to wordpress.com!

At 12:12 AM, Blogger Nikhil said...

thanks, did i say that my spellings sucks.

i will move, just waiting to get over my laziness


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