Monday, February 27, 2006

The time has come - Videos Everywhere

What first happened to text and then to images followed by music and finally it will happen to videos - The preperty of permeating our lives via Internet. Its really amazing to see that videos no longer seem to have the premium attached to them as it was 4 years back when I entered IIT.

I am not talking only about Google Videos. Ofcourse its one of the feathers in the hat and probably the largest one, but its the other smaller feathers that makes it beautiful. The inumerous blogs which have now started to link to videos online - say for example my blog itself ;=). The frequency of getting emails that link to some 'fundu' video online is increasing day by day, I can watch a complete movie in streaming mode ( . Some of the good links that I recently got. Enjoy!

Minority Report not far away
Honda Ad
The Moving Train (its funny)
Mockery of President Bush
Girls Just wanna have fun - coursey Nitin Gupta ;-) (might not play in India)


At 3:53 AM, Blogger Ashutosh Madeshiya said...

Honda ad mast hai :-)
awesome sound engineering :P


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