Monday, June 19, 2006

After a long time.

Its three quarters over now, I remember I started blogging first to write about myself, my experiences my thoughts, but as time passed this blog was more of stuff that I wrote just for the sake of writing. I like new things, things that give my 'thought' a chance to wonder. But soon that wonder wears off and the things once of deep interst and fervent passion fades away in time. So has been this blog. But thats me, my nature to get over things very quickly and thats what I have to inprove to find a stable souce of joy, a 'non-event based joy'. We are all involved in 'events' in our lives, most of the times so deeply engrossed that we fail to realize that they are events that we are living and some that event with find its natural death and we will smoothly transition to the next event, goes on.


At 3:35 PM, Blogger Ameet said...

Hi Nikhil
Joy, event based or any other kind, is by itself a bit serendipitous quality. It is a blessing to experiance either kind :-) On that note, would recommend a great book on this subject. "Zen and art of motorcycle maintainance"


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