Sunday, June 11, 2006

Book Reviews - Apr - June 2006

Seems I am lagging a bit from my resolution of one book per months. From the last beeok review in March . I have only been able to complete two books, though I had strarted three others but lost interest in between.

4. Ayurveda and Panchakarma - Sunil V Joshi
Rating - ****
Borrowed this book from Nitin, when my interest in Ayurveda was high (somehow its experiencing the shallows right now). This book, though talks about advanced treatment techniques of 'Panchkarma', is a nice read even for beginners. The first half of the book is dedicated towards the basic principles and fundamental understanding of Ayurveda. The language is simple yet explains the concepts in a wholesome way. I'd recommend this book for anyone wanting to know in brief what this Indian science is all about. I did not pay much attention to the panchakarma part as it was getting more involved and needs proper experiential knowledge to fully grasp the technique.

5. Many Lives Many Masters - Dr Brian Weiss
Rating - ***
Do you believe in life after death. Or life after death after life after death. Dr Brian Weiss did not but his real life experience with one of his patients made him believe in it. This is his first book in the series where he shares his past life regression experience while treating his patients. I liked the book because I believe in many of the concepts shared in the book ( though some of them seems bit unconvincing), but if what he writes is true, then its helps to bolster my beliefs. What I also about the book is that, he does not waste his energies in convincing the reader with examples, that its not a work of fiction, he merely states his experience and let the reader decide for himself about its verity. The negative part is the it becomes too obvious and repetitive towards the end.

6. My Reminisences - Rabindranath Tagore (***)
Given the greatness of the author I feel I am incompetent to review the book. I have not read much (read any!) Tagore literature, so my incapability to comprehend his artistic form of writing. I was indeed mesmerized by his childhood thoughts and life and was motivated to read his poems and writings(although I have still not done so), but I felt I was not there yet to really appreciate the book. Also it became too much factual details at the end, which, given my interests in autobiographies for the perspective of the author about life, was something that gave me a reason to remain unsatisfied.

7. Self Unfoldment (Next in line)
8. Freedom at Midnight
9. My Experiments with truth

a. Thoughts Without a Thinker - Mark Epstein (Gave Up)
b. Collapse - Jared Diamond - (Will pick up later)


At 12:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How did you find "My Reminisences"?...should i buy it?

At 12:26 AM, Blogger Nikhil said...

Its artistically written book, I am more than half way through and enjoy it for its style of writing. I have not read much of Tagore stuff so cant really appriciate the content to the full.


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