Sunday, July 23, 2006

Enjoy, fun, happiness - Part II

(...cont from part I - 1. Losing the 'conscious' sense of existence - Loosing yourself.)
Last post I was trying to figure out how can I possibly exhaust ways in which people (believe to) enjoy themselves. The prime way that the majority of today's so called civilized people fall back upon is to enjoy is music, movies, booze, party, reading, an extreme extent drugs. May be Hobbies can also be counted in this category, but I will like to talk about it as a seperate topic. All of this I believe is a way to loose yourself. Forget the moment. Looking from another perspective it could be very well said that instead of forgetting the moment this is more like 'Living the moment'. One is just concerned about whats happening right now. No thoughts of past or future and that seems to be a plausible setup for enjoyment. The only problem with this is that this is not a conscious mode of living in the present (or Loosing yourself). Its more like forget everything(past, present and future) and just *exist* in the present. The thought I am after is that - Is there is a conscious way in which man can train himself to remain in a state of enjoyment if Living in the present/Loosing Yourself is a successful strategy?

2. Another class of strategy is 'Change' or 'Something New' or 'Learning'- Though all these three have subtle differences I think the root is the same. The mind becomes active and has to process in all three situations.

'Change' shall stand apart from the other two more actively. Change might not per se be a source of enjoyment but the lack of it sure creates a boredom which is lack of enjoyment. So it can be said that lack of change causes lack of enjoyment. Now some people desire for change when they reach this situation, for other change in itself is a source of enjoyment and they keep on doing 'Something New' to make that change happen. The open question is if one finds a 'Strategy' to be in constant source of enjoyment then without change will he be able to maintain that state?

... to be continued.
3.Being with loved ones
4. Hobbies.


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