Monday, June 26, 2006

Adventure Documentary - A Question.

Just finished watching the National Geographic - Journey of Man - hosted by Dr. Spencer Wells. An extraordinary scientific quest to find out the ancient lineage of mankind. His quest takes him to various parts of the world - from Kalahari Deserts of Africa to the sub 100 degree celcius frozen parts of northern Russia, and that makes me ask a question. Are these adventure stories shot first hand or the paths are traced back only when the success is achieved?

The same question irked me when I watched 'Mystries of the Nile' - where in it shows the close escapes the travellers had - once being attacked by the natives and again by aligators. If these scenes were true, then did the cameraman really choose to caputre the moment in the camera over saving his collegues life? Also the commentry by the protagonist during the trip on actual places seems like he is confident that the trip will end. Moreover if the cameraman was with the protagonist, then why is he/his name not highlighted?

Another question to my list of questions. :-)


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