Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Information Management - News

Yesterday night I had a long bulla session with Diwaker - The man for all the tools you would ever need to *live* online. We both were on the common ground that Information Management is necessary. We want our minds to be free - how many times have you regretted that you missed a deadline (backpackit, rememberthemilk) , or if you could just remember the site you went to that had the best information on Hiking Opportunities in Kinnaur district (delicious), or if you are away from your home sweet home, you surely want a *noise* free news site - (Read below) - And dont give me the crappy answer - "Isnt Google there!"

I wanted to get noise free news, Times of India/Indiatimes was pathetic, so was Hindustan Times Online, I could skim something from Rediff News, Google News and the Economic Times but going to so many different pages and then lookin'n'pickin news items from those portals was not an optimal solution. Here comes RSS.

Yes I know it has been around for ages, but only for point one percent junta (and if you are still thinking how does Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh(RSS) solves the problem of getting news, you need a complete overhaulling of your infomation system).

RSS is the answer to not going to myriad of portals, and not having to scan through to get filtered news. Almost all good news portals have RSS support - and then there are RSS agregators. What agregator does is that it goes to all these sites (that supports RSS) and get out the content that you are interested in and display 'only' the content to you. Google provides an RSS agregator at also at the Personlaized Google Homepage, all you need to do is find the RSS link to the site you want information from and feed it in the agregator -like Rediff business news, CNN news, word of the day (all RSS links).

Now be sure to tap all the information without it being a pressure on your mind.


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Hmm..keep posting such good stuff. Always useful.


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