Thursday, November 10, 2005

Information Management - Websites

So you are trying hard to remember a website that you had book marked at your office computer or just surfed by while enjoying an evening with your girlfirend on her computer. Or probably you are like the ones who dont believe in bookmarks and girlfriends ;-). Well I did not too! but after 'delicious' happened to me I started believing in one of them. And its still not girlfriends.

The most creative thing about the website apart from its core is its name - read del dot icio dot us without the 'dot's and you get delicious names - but they acutally have it . Dont go by the looks of the site just register and it will give you two links that you should add to your Mozilla browser (dont tell me you still use IE)

Whenever you want to bookmark a site ckick and it will take you to a page where you can add tags to that bookmark. If you want to retrieve that you can use my link. Simple as that. What makes it usefull is that it
1. You can access it anywhere
2. You can obviously sort using the tags
3. If that link is also marked by someone else it gives you a kind of page rank.
4. Its light on your network.

A suggestion: have a tag called freetime so that nextime instead of unconsciously checking your mail in your freetime you click my delicious and go to the your freetime ;-) sites without having to think what was the address or typing it in google.

Now the only thing left is - me to start believing in girlfriends, does anyone know a site?


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